Please read the following lateral flow testing instructions carefully, which details the testing process for all college staff to take place before Monday March 8th.


As a member of staff you will be asked to undertake a  Lateral Flow Device (LFD) test at home twice per week, with your first test being taken 48 hours prior to attending a College campus in person.  This means that you will need to collect, or be posted, a home test kit this week, in order to test at the earliest on Saturday the 6th March if you will be returning to work on Monday the 8th. This process will ensure that you have sufficient time to get a confirmatory PCR test at a public test station if the LFD test reads positive.   As stated in the student testing email, the LFD testing programme has been criticised for its accuracy, and as such a positive test result does need confirming by a PCR test (for both staff and students).  

Test kits will be available to collect from Wednesday the 3rd (this week), and should be collected from the HR office, accessed through the old reception entrance.  The testing kit will be assigned specifically to you as each is given an NHS batch number which needs to be recorded.  Each test requires the result to be logged onto the NHS test and trace system as explained in the ‘information for use’ leaflet supplied with the kits as well as the College Hub test results reporting system (for both staff and students).

If you are unable to collect a LFD Test Kit from Milnthorpe Road this week, and would like a test posting to you please email: with the Subject field: Test Kit

If you are concerned about being tested, and do not wish to participate in this testing programme, you should also please email:  stating that you do not consent to undertake the test.

Participating staff will be expected to continue to conduct 2 tests at home per week.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Any person who has received a positive test for Covid 19 should not have a PCR or an LFD test for 90 days, since the tests are known to give ‘false positives’.  All students and staff will be required to answer a question relating to this as they proceed through the NHS Testing process.

Staff and students are not required to provide consent for home testing, since taking the test home and proceeding with it, is perceived to be providing consent.

Any questions on any of the above please email


Kelvin Nash