Contact Us

  • Visit the IT Helpdesk on the first floor of the college Library at main site or Sue at the Creative Arts Campus
  • Log a job via our ticket system portal.
  • Email with details of your query.
  • Phone 01539 814783
  • Mobile 0787 635 7246

How to complete a support ticket

When completing a support ticket, please bear in mind the following, these will help us resolving your issues as quickly as possible.

1.Provide a descriptive subject line

Give a brief but descriptive subject to your request. This is what we see without opening the ticket body and having a good description helps us prioritize your request.


Bad: Office
Good: Request Purchase Office Professional
Good: Need assistance moving computer to new office


2. Provide exact wording of errors

If you receive an error message include a screen shot or the exact text of the message. While it may not appear meaningful these messages can tell us a great deal about your problem allowing us to begin solving it more rapidly.

3. Describe the problem

Describe what the problem is in as much detail as possible. Include what you were doing when the problem occured and any recent changes to your system. This will help us narrow down what we need to look at.


4. Describe goals for new requests

When requesting something new as opposed to requesting a repair tell us what your objective is. We may have ideas on better ways to achieve that objective that we can present to you.


5. Indicate any deadlines in the request

If you have deadlines or something important that the problem you are encountering is preventing completion of let us know in the request. This will allow us to give your request appropriate priority.


6. Be honest

If you were doing something you don’t think you should have or believe your actions caused the problems tell us. This allows us to solve the issue more rapidly with less time lost for both of us.


7. Be prepared to work on your request

We may need some of your time or access to your system to resolve the problem. Helpdesk staff will make every effort to respond quickly to a request. After making a request please be prepared to allow the technician to assist you including allowing access to your equipment.