Our environmental impact of IT

Kendal College is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its services.

Green IT initiatives at the college include:

  • The student computer replacement program has been extended from a three year to a four/five year cycle. Computers replaced under this scheme are used in courses to further extend their lifespan.
  • New contracts which ensure that new computers can now be purchased with a five year warranty.
  • The introduction of EMCO (a power management system) in 2010, this means that around 900 computers automatically power down at night, reducing their energy usage.
  • The network team procurement process which ensures that our suppliers provide low power demand equipment and that they reduce and recycle all waste packaging
  • The full Outlook client which is available to staff who are working from home. Staff and students have access to their emails through this site.
  • Home Access Plus+ and WordPress- which allows access to all files stored on the college servers from anywhere, saving energy travelling to college.
  • 95% of our servers are now virtual, saving up to 80% on energy consumption.