Student IT Support


User names and Passwords

Your user name is assigned to you when you enrol as a student. You cannot choose your user name.

You are also allocated an initial password. You should change this the first time you log onto a central IT service.

 User names

New students

After the start of the academic year new students will have their user names created automatically . Details will be available from your tutor

Returning students

If you are returning on the second year of a two year course, continue to use your existing user name and password.


You should treat your password as you would treat the PIN number for your bank card –  keep it secret and don’t share it with your friends!


Check out the Passwords section to find out how to make a strong password

 Password FAQ

Q.Anyone can know my password, I don’t have anything important on the computer!

A. You have your reputation to think about, at least! If someone else gains access to your account, they may cause you a great deal of trouble – perhaps deleting your files, using it to hack other systems, download pornography, or forging e-mail purporting to come from you. Having to explain to a colleague, a friend or your tutor where that material actually came from may be difficult, not to say embarrassing.

It’s also important to think of the other people who use the system. Even if you don’t keep sensitive information in your account, others do. Allowing unauthorized access via your account may compromise the security of their information.

Q. I’ve forgotten my password.

A. Your password for emails and log on to college computer are the same. Passwords are held on the system in an encrypted form, so it isn’t possible  to tell you what your password is if you forget it  We can reset it for you. We will need proof of ID, normally your library Card

At the Main Site

Visit the Network Office, on the first floor, in the library.

At the Allen Building

Visit Sue Taylor at the Allen Reception.

Offsite/at home

Call us on 015398 14783, we will ask for your library card number and/or other information to identity you or email us, with a number we can call you on. We will then call you and help you through getting back onto the college system.


Access your Emails

As a student of Kendal College, you will be automatically created an Kendal College email account.

The format of your email is: your surname, followed by the initial of your first name the the year you started college.

For Joe Smith who started in September 2012, his email address will look like the following:

How to Access my emails

Outlook Web Access (OWA) is a web based version of Microsoft Outlook. OWA is usable on most web browsers but has a number of advanced features which are only available via Internet Explorer 7 and above.The document below will guide you through accessing OWA via Internet Explorer.

Logging in and using Web Outlook

Student Offers

Software and Hardware Offers

As a student at Kendal College we can offer discounts on software and hardware.

The Ultimate Steal – Office 365

What is The Ultimate Steal?

The Ultimate Steal offers a full copy of Microsoft Office 365 to students and staff for a fraction of the cost.

  • A time-limited offer available to university students with a email address
  • For Office Professional Academic 2010 as a digital download, with the option to buy a backup on DVD


How to Order

Click on the link above for full details on how to purchase the software.




 Dreamspark from Microsoft

 What is Dreamspark?

Dreamspark is a Microsoft scheme which enables staff and students to download copies of software developer and design tools free of charge.


How to Order

All students on IT courses will receive an email to their college account detailing how to activate their subscription.  If you do not receive an email and wish to be registered under this scheme click here, then click on Create an account, then Register.



What is Software4Students?

Software4Students, the biggest student software store in the UK and Ireland, provides thousands of students and families with discount software every month.


How to order

Visit the softeware4students website to sign up.




Apple Store for Education.

 What is Apple Store?

Receive special discounts for students, teachers, universities and higher education institutions.


How to Order?

Visit the Higher Education section of the Apple Store website. Select the North West region, then select Kendal College.


Help and Support

Contact us


  • Visit the IT Helpdesk on the first floor of the college Library.
  • Log a job on the form below
  • Email with details of your query.
  • Phone 01539 814750
  • Mobile 0787 635 7246
  • Contact an individual team member, details below


Donna Clarke – Network Manager 814757
Mark Woof – Senior Network Technician 814750
Graham Halliday – Network Technician