Outlook Email & Calendar

Everyone with a College IT account will automatically be given a personal email account and will have a standard email address in the following format:

STUDENTS: SurnameJ18@kendal.ac.uk

STAFF: first.lastname@Kendal.ac.uk (staff will also receive an email address based on their username e.g. jb@kendal.ac.uk)

Office 365 Emails


Microsoft Outlook on the Staff Desktop

Your office PC or College owned laptop is pre-installed with Microsoft Outlook 2016 and the icon can be found on your start menu. This version of Outlook has more features than the web-based OWA version.


Take charge of your schedule, easily plan your diary and arrange meetings and book rooms. Take your calendar with you – Office365 can sync with most mobile devices so never be caught out not knowing the location of a meeting or where you need to be next.