Password Protecting Documents

With Word, Excel and PowerPoint Microsoft offer the ability to password protect the documents which the programs creating offering better security for sensitive documents as they can only be opened if you know the password that was set on the files. It is recommended to use Password protected documents for any sensitive information which is being sent to a 3rd party / external to the college.

To password protect a file you will need to have saved the file first then in Word, Excel or PowerPoint you need to click File then “Protect Document” and then select the option “Encrypt with a Password”.

Once you have clicked the “Encrypt with a Password” option you will then see an box asking you to enter a password for the document as per the screenshot below. The password should be a strong password or a passphrase which is 14 charters or less in length.

Once the password has been set on the document you can then email the document to the recipient and then call or text the person to provide them with the password that you set on the document, you shouldn’t email the password to the document.

The other method of providing the receipt of the document the password is to use a tool called where you create a onetime passcode that can only be used once and email the link to the website to the recpeit of the email.

Todo this you would go to and then enter the password for the document set a new passphrase which is different to the password set on the document and set the life time to one hour so it can only be accessed for one hour.

Once you click the “Create a secret link*” button the system will create a link for you to share with the receipt of the email.

You will need to copy this link in yellow by right clicking and selecting copy and then past the link in an email to the receipt of the email and then contact them via phone or text to provide them the password for the website in order to get the different password to open the document that you have sent to them.

Once the recipient of the email clicks the link they will be asked to enter the passphrase you have provided them and then they are shown the password to access the document.

Once they have the password for the document they can open the document and enter the password to access the file.