Scan to Email

Place your document on the document feeder on top of the device or lift the lid to place on the glass panel.

 (Staff) Scan your ID card on the white Kyocera card scanner or press the Username and Password button to log in via the touch panel.

(Students) Press the Username and Password button or ID Number to log in via the touch panel.


The following screen will appear, click on the Device Functions button to access the photocopy options

Select Send to Me (E-Mail)


The following screen will appear. It will be prepopulated with your email address, change any settings needed, then press the green box. This will start the scan and the document will be email to your Kendal College email account.


Documents can only be sent to Kendal College email addresses.

Large documents might need to be split into two separate jobs to mean the 25MB limit for email size.