Place your document on the document feeder on top of the device or lift the lid to place on the glass panel.

 (Staff) Scan your ID card on the white Kyocera card scanner or press the Username and Password button to log in via the touch panel.

(Students) Press the Username and Password button or ID Number to log in via the touch panel.


The following screen will appear, click on the Device Functions button to access the photocopy options

Select Copy


The following screen will appear to choose any required settings and press the copies button on the top left of the screen to be able to select the amount of copies.

The copy function is set to Black and White by default, or choose the Colour button on the touch display to copy in your document in colour and press the Blue Start button

When you have finished copying, press the home button on the keypad to return to the touch panel home screen.

Click the Log off Button or rescan your card to return the touch panel to the log in screen.