•  MON 8:30—20:00
  •  TUE 8:30—20:00
  •  WED 8:30—18:00
  •  THU 8:30—17:00
  •  FRI 8:30—16:00

During holiday periods, we are open between 9:00 and  16:00

Learning Zones:

The Independent Learning Zone:

Designed for students who wish to work independently. Study stations with PC’s, internet access and printing

The Supported Study Zone:

Designated for independent studies supported by a Tutor, Learning Assistant and The Learning Centre Staff. Career Skills Workshops are also held in this area.

Quiet Study Zone:

Situated in the large window area, this space offers comfortable seating and a number of tables for use by those wishing to read, or  use laptops, handheld or portable devices and  for writing.

The University Centre:

A silent study area equipped with PC’s and a range of books and resources for those students working on Degree programmes


Workshops for Employability skills

Assistance in sourcing materials

CV Writing

On screen HELP button for discreet assistance

Finishing Station