What is MFA?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) provides an additional layer of security over and above your username and password when you access university resources online. Once set up, it is easy to use and provides increased protection against cyber-attacks.

Once MFA has been enabled on your account you will need to enrol for MFA and configure your authentication preference. You will have the following options; mobile phone application, or text message to use as your authentication method. As a minimum, you will need either an iOS, Android device or a telephone/mobile phone. If none of these are available please contact the Network Office for alternative devices.

How-to guides

Microsoft Authenticator app

This is College’s recommended verification method. Users install and use the Authenticator app to generate a verification code that can be entered into the sign-in interface. It may be used for either a notification and verification code, users who register the Authenticator app can use either method to verify their identity.

Register for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with Microsoft Authenticator App

Text message

With text message verification, as SMS is sent to the mobile phone number containing a verification code. To complete the sign-in process, the verification code provided is entered into the sign-in interface.

Register for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with text message


I have received a request to provide secondary authentication but I haven't attempted to log into my account, what should I do?

Deny the request and immediately change your password via My Account – https://myaccount.microsoft.com/ and report this to the network team

How does MFA protect me?

MFA provides an additional line of defence for our protected systems and data. Should your password be compromised by a malicious third party, they will be prevented from accessing protected resources without access to your phone.

How can I change my MFA details?

To add or update your multi-factor authentication details, please visit https://portal.office.com As people tend to keep a phone number longer than an app, it is always recommended that you register your phone number. You can register multiple phone numbers as well as an app from the multi-factor authentication site – https://mysignins.microsoft.com/security-info

Which is the preferred MFA method?

College’s preferred MFA method is using Microsoft Authenticator App, although users can use other authenticator apps

Can I use the Microsoft authenticator app for MFA on multiple devices?

Yes, the Microsoft Authenticator supports multiple devices.

I no longer have access to my MFA device; what do I do?

Please contact the network team, who will be able to reset your account