Before the Examination

Please arrive to the examination in good time – at least 15 minutes before the start time.

ID Card

You need to bring your student ID card to all examinations. If you have misplaced your ID card, please go to the Resource Centre (Library).

If there is not enough time for you to get a new card, the only other acceptable form of ID is a passport or a photo driving licence.You may not be permitted to enter an examination without a valid ID card.

Personal Possessions

Before entering the room, an invigilator will announce where coats and bags should be placed. You are reminded not to bring any valuables with you to examination venues and to keep belongings to a minimum. Kendal College will not be held responsible for any items lost or stolen from examination venues.

You are required to supply your own pens and pencils at each examination. Where permission is given you must supply your own paper dictionary and calculator.


Entering the Examination Room

You will normally be permitted to enter the examination room approximately 5 minutes before the start of the examination. You may not enter the examination room before an invigilator instructs you to do so.

Upon entering the examination room you are subject to examination regulations and you must comply with all instructions given by an invigilator before, during and after your examination. Talking is strictly prohibited. If you have a question please raise your hand and an invigilator will help you.

Once you have found your desk you must await the invigilator’s instruction. You will normally be asked to start filling in your details on the front of your answer booklets.

Unauthorised Material / Examination Offences

The introduction of any unauthorised material or device into the examination room constitutes an examination offence and may result in disciplinary action being taken against you. Please be aware that if unauthorised material is found on your person during an exam, it will be confiscated and submitted to your department, together with a report, for them to consider any disciplinary action.

In particular note the following:

Mobile Phones / Electronic Equipment: possession of a mobile phone, iPod, pager, personal organiser or any electronic device (other than those specifically allowed for an examination) on your person is strictly prohibited whilst you are sitting an examination. If you have a mobile phone with you, it must be switched off and placed in a designated area.  If a mobile phone or other unauthorised material is found on your person during an exam, it will be confiscated and submitted to your department for checking.

If dictionaries are allowed in a particular examination, this does not include electronic dictionaries.

Notes: notes of any kind are strictly prohibited in the examination venue, even if they are unrelated to the examination you are going to sit and even if you are not seen referring to them during the examination. Please take care to leave any revision notes in your bag in the designated area and do not leave them in your pockets.

Calculators: please note that only specific calculator modules are allowed in Kendal College examinations.

Pencil Cases: no pencil cases/tins are allowed in any examination venue. Students are permitted to use a completely clear plastic bag or clear case (with no writing in any area) to contain their stationery.

Coats and Bags: You are not permitted to take any coat or bag to your examination desk. Only coats that are pocket-free and are not bulky will be permitted to be worn at your desk if the exam room is cold. It is at the invigilator’s discretion to decide whether a coat is acceptable to wear at an examination desk and pockets may be checked.

Only items that are necessary for the examination should be brought to the desk.


During the Examination

You must not start writing until the head invigilator announces the start of the examination.

If you have any queries, raise your hand and an invigilator will approach you. You must not leave your desk without the permission of an invigilator for the duration of the examination. Failure to comply is an examination offence and may result in your examination script not being marked.


Contacting the Exams Office

Please do not ask the Exams Office to check specific times as these will not be given out in person or over the telephone. This is not only because of the high number of students, but also because there is a number of modules who have identical or almost identical exam titles. This means there is a chance that we would give you the wrong information, and as a result you could miss your exam.

You can find out the time of your exam from your tutor or the exam information board, located on the corridor outside the Library, near Room 126.