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Class Representatives

The role of Class Reps

Class Reps are responsible for finding out what students in their class think about their course, college services and their experience as a whole. They represent these views at Student Conference, Student Council, and Department meetings.

Two reps are elected in each class – a main rep and a deputy rep. The main rep attends all meetings, and the deputy rep supports the main rep and attends when they are unable to.

Class Reps also let their class know of upcoming events and opportunities. Some Class Reps may volunteer to represent students nationally, at National Union of Students (NUS) Conferences.


  • Self satisfaction – seeing improvements as a direct result of your feedback
  • Experience – great for your university/ job applications
  • Meet others – from across the college

Further Information and Support

The first point of contact is your tutor. Your Assistant Head of School and Head of School are also important contacts. You can access further support and information through Student Services, by contacting Beverley Kendall-McCullock, Student Advisor.

What happens and when?

Class Rep Recruitment – September until October half term

Let your tutor know if you are interested in being a class rep. Your tutor will run an election for the positions and students in the class vote on who they would like to represent them. There is a main rep and a deputy rep.

Student Conference – November

The main rep will be invited to the conference. This is an opportunity for reps to meet each other and college managers. Reps will participate in a number of focus groups.

Student Council Meetings – all 12-1pm – Once a term

The Main Rep is invited to these meetings and reps are updated on college developments in light of their feedback from Student Conference. There is an opportunity to give further feedback to managers and to elect students to attend national conferences.

Course Area Meetings – Throughout the year

The Head of School will invite department reps to the department meetings, and all reps to course area meetings

Volunteer Celebration Evening – June

Class reps can opt into the ‘KC Volunteers Scheme’. Certificates and awards are presented at the annual Volunteer Celebration Evening in June.

Extra Stuff

Any further training, focus groups or meetings the reps attend is voluntary and should be discussed with your  tutor first. How many other things you get involved in and how much time per week you give to the role is up to you!

There are lots of other things reps can be involved in if they are interested –e.g. fundraising, helping at events, running campaigns, going to national conferences etc.

Student Feedback & Minutes of Meetings

Below is the most up-to-date summary of student feedback and actions made (as of 19/02/16)

Cafe Development Group 10.02.16

Cafe Development Group 16.12.15


Student Council 21.4.2016

Student Council 9.2.2016

Student Council 30.11.15


Student Governors

‘Kendal College believes that all College learners should be given the opportunity for shaping the College provision and contributing to the culture of continuous improvement. The College, therefore, aims to empower learners by providing appropriate ways of listening to their concerns, interests and needs.’ Student Involvement Policy  

Student Governors

The Corporation is the highest decision-making body in the College and student governors are positioned right at the top of the student voice process within the College. The Corporation is responsible for strategy, finance, estates, human resources, quality and reputation. Discussions and decisions at meetings are about the future of the College, the impact of Government policy and the experience of students.

The role of Student Governor is a worthwhile and rewarding experience for those who want to make a positive difference to the College. The Student Governor is an equal governor to the rest of the Corporation and has a unique contribution to make.

Role of Student Governors

Independence: To act as independent members of the Corporation – they are not required to represent the opinions of the student body nor work to a specific agenda determined by other students. Their role is to work with the Corporation on the full range of College activities.

Student Experience: They draw on their own experiences as a student to work with the other College governors in determining the future direction of the College, approving its quality, strategy and its financial activity. Student Governors are not present to bring professional skills to the Corporation but to provide first hand insight into the experience of being a student.

Students are the most direct customers and stakeholders of the College and as governors will be highly valued by the other members of the governing body for the first hand knowledge they have of the College.

The election of student governors is endorsed by the Student Council although members need not necessarily be members of the Council. As with all governors, Student Governors are required to complete a declaration of interests about any involvement with outside organisations that could influence their position on the Corporation.

Meetings: Student Governors are invited to attend all Corporation meetings (one per month October- July). Good attendance is expected but it is recognised that they may not be able to attend all meetings which take place at 5.00 pm a Wednesday. In addition there is an annual training day and strategic planning day as well as training sessions hosted by the National Union of Students.

Training: Once appointed they have an induction programme to introduce them to the workings of the College Corporation and the legal processes behind it (The Instrument and Articles of Government).

More Information

The below links to the Kendal College website and gives an overview of all members of the Corporation and the latest minutes:

Governance at Kendal College


Surveys and Questionnaires

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Learner Satisfaction Survey 2018

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